A radioactive spider bite? Escape from a dying planet? Not quite so grandiose…but every hero has their defining moment.

Matt Nagy’s came in 2004 while exploring where his career was headed. He completed a feature documentary about, fittingly, the origins of his Boy Scout troop. At the premier, he saw people emotionally moved by his work. It was then he realized that his true power was the art of communication.


We believe we’re drawn to origin stories because we want to see how ordinary becomes extraordinary. That’s the moment we want to help you achieve.

At Origin Story, we know that effective communication begins with your audience's understanding of your brand. They want to know what makes you tick, why you make certain decisions, and why you do what you do. The more your audience knows where you’re coming from, the more likely they’ll embrace your brand.

With each project, our goal is to provide creative solutions that effectively connect your brand with your audience.


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Matt Nagy directing near Capitol Hill in Washington, DC for the American College of Cardiology

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Matt Nagy and strategic partner Justin Schauble accept a
2014 TIVA-DC Peer Award at the National Press Club

2019 Telly Award, Gold | DARPA: 60 Years of Challenges & Breakthroughs
2019 Telly Award, Silver | Pilot Pals: Lockheed Vega
2014 TIVA-DC Peer Silver Award | USPS BlueEarth Federal Recycling Program
2013 TIVA-DC Peer Silver Award (2) | ACC.13 Scientific Session Intro
2013 Telly Award, Bronze | ACC.13 Scientific Session Intro
2012 TIVA-DC Peer Gold Award | CDC “You Decide” PSA
2012 Telly Award, Bronze (2) | ACC.12 Scientific Session Intro
2011 Telly Award, Silver (2) | ACC Revolutionizing Lifelong Learning
2011 Visions Festival Alumni Award | USPS Flats Sequencing System Trailer